April Showers: What To Wear When It’s Raining

Here in the UK, we praise clear skies and warm weather that come our way because unfortunately, there is rarely a shortage of rainfall. There’s a popular phrase that says “April showers bring May flowers” but we don’t want it also to mean that “April rain ruined my suede jacket again,” so it’s best to have some key pieces at the ready, just in case. Below are some examples of April shower appropriate clothing and accessories that are a must-have for the season.

parka with a hood

A Hooded Parka

One of the worst things about rain is what it can do to your hair. Imagine how annoying it will be when you’ve styled your hair, only for it to get ruined by rain and windy weather. Our Fearne Parka is lightweight and hooded, so it will help protect your hair while keeping you cool when it’s warmer outside.



A Comfy Cardigan

Blustering winds can make a big difference to how cold it feels outside. A lightweight jacket is great, but it’s a good idea to layer up with an easy to style cardigan, just in case the weather worsens. Our Reese Waterfall Cardigan is the ideal choice because it’s two toned and can be a comfortable alternative to a blazer yet can also style up a weekend look. If it starts to get a little warmer, you can easily roll this up and keep it in your bag.

flat boots

Classic Black
Leather Boots

Yes, it might be the easiest option to wear your wellies, yet they aren’t appropriate for a day at the office. Choosing flat Chelsea boots will help stop you slipping around in the rain, and they’ll keep your feet dry, so you can wave goodbye to damp socks. We love these boots because the brogue detailing gives them a smart detailing, yet they will also suit a casual outfit with slim jeans.

black leggings

Black Treggings

When the weather has turned against us, clothes can get damp very quickly, which is why you should avoid light colour trousers. One accident step in a puddle and you have splashes of dirt everywhere. Form-fitting treggings are great because not only are they incredibly comfortable, but the darker shade can hide any mud or muck when you’re out and about.


A Sturdy Umbrella

Unfortunately, smaller umbrellas are often the ones you can see dotted around a city, worse for wear and broken because of harsh weather. When this occurs so often, it’s a good idea to invest in an umbrella that can help you battle through gale-force winds. Having a patterned transparent umbrella at the ready also means you can see exactly where you’re going, so you won’t accidently bump into anyone during the mad morning rush.


Waterproof Mascara

No one wants to look in a mirror, only to realise they have a serious case of panda eyes. Wet weather can completely ruin makeup, especially when it’s black. To avoid this problem, make sure you apply a waterproof mascara instead so that you don’t make the wrong kind of entrance to a morning client meeting.


waterproof phonecase

Waterproof Phone Case

It’s true when they say we’re living in a digital world. Many of us rely on our phones for multiple reasons, which is why rain can seriously get in the way when we’re on the go. Water damage can see you pay an awful amount of money to fix your beloved iPhone, which is why a waterproof case is a must have. You’ll finally be able to walk around and keep in touch with the world without worrying about each rain drop hitting your screen.

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