Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Should Own

Wardrobe essentials are items that instantly look and feel good, no matter what. They don’t age through the years, meaning you get your every penny’s worth. Everyone has an absolute favourite piece that transforms their mood whenever they wear it, whether it’s your trusty pair of jeans or a comfortable, go-to jacket that suits all your outfits. We love wardrobe essentials and think they are important staples when shaping your style, which is why we’ve made sure we designed and crafted the perfect mini-collection, regardless of shape and size. With soft fabrics, beautiful cuts and thought-through shapes, you can wear each one with ease and effortless sophistication. Below are our ultimate wardrobe essentials we believe every woman should own.

The Classic Day-to-Evening Blouse

classic blouse #

Our Cassie Side Tie Top is one of our favourite pieces from our collection, so much so that we’ve also designed it in a beautiful floral print. We think a black blouse is a perfect starting point for styling a chic outfit. Whether you want to wear it for work or the evening, you can dress this top up and down in any way you want. The side tie is comfortable, flattering and adjustable to suit your style preference. We think it looks incredible with fitted black trousers and a statement necklace for added elegance. If you’re feeling brave, you could even wear it with printed trousers for an eye-catching contrast.

The Slim Leg Blue Jeans

blue jeans

If you have hundreds of tops and blouses but find it difficult to find something to style with them, a pair of classic blue jeans is your answer. Slim and well-fitted, they suit heels, flats and even trainers for a relaxed weekend look. Finding the perfect pair that flatters curves in all the right places can be a very difficult mission, which is why we have designed our Nicole Slim Leg Jeans to put an end to your search. Lightweight but not flimsy, they can battle through the seasons while looking effortless. Carefully placed darts offer support, which is perfect when combined with the stretch denim, used to give you ultimate comfort.

The Feminine Biker Jacket

biker jacket

A Biker Jacket was once seen as outerwear that is very bulky and masculine. Thanks to the women’s fashion trend that doesn’t have an end in sight, these types of jackets have been designed and tailored to suit a feminine figure, just like our Ruby Biker Jacket. Crafted from a mid-grey boucle wool, it’s extremely elegant and adds texture to an outfit. It’s true when we say this jacket will go with just about anything, making it the perfect layering piece to complete your day-to-evening outfits. Many believe that when it comes to Biker jackets, the more over-sized, the better. However, we wanted to design a jacket that flatters and slims the figure with a perfect fit and we think we’ve done just that with this piece, designed with curves in mind.

The Little Black Dress

black dress copy

From Audrey Hepburn to Kate Middleton, everyone loves a Little Black Dress. Timeless and ever so flattering, it’s a go-to piece to wear when you want to step up your look a notch but feel as if you’re having a style block. Not only do they suit everyone, but they can be dressed up with heels or down with flats and a warm cardigan for a daytime office look. We love our Phoebe Cocoon Dress for its relaxed shape, flattering length and feminine neckline.

Parisian Stripe Jumper

stripe jumper

The French are known for many things, including their culinary talents, art and most of all, fashion and personal style. It’s said that a Parisian can wear whatever they want, yet will still look incredibly chic (we’re looking at you, Caroline Maigret and Clémence Poésy).  One of the classic French go-to pieces is the striped jumper. Extremely fashionable and simple, you can wear it with a beige coat, jeans and ballet flats for a city-ready look. Our Viola Stripe Jumper is designed as a modern update with the back zip detail that showcases the contrasting navy chiffon lining. Soft to the skin yet lightweight, it’s a wardrobe staple you can wear whatever the weather.

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