Travel Destination: Maui, Hawaii

When people picture what paradise looks like, many envision crystal clear waters, blue skies, white sand,
and tall palm trees; typically what you would find on a postcard. If there is one place that ticks all these
boxes and more, it’s the incredibly picturesque US state of Hawaii and in particular, the island of
Maui, famous for its breath-taking beach resorts, national park and outdoor activities that people enjoy
exploring when they want to escape reality for a relaxing yet unforgettable holiday with loved ones.

Where to explore

Maui Beach, Hawaii

Maui in Hawaii is the perfect place for people to visit when they want to put their feet up, unwind on the beach
and take some time for themselves. Luckily, this island has a variety of stunning beaches to choose from.
The one that attracts most of the attention is the Kapalua Bay, which is said to be the best for days where
you would prefer to sit and watch the world drift by. Find a comfy spot, grab yourself a towel and a good book.
Lay back and enjoy the sun and soft breeze against your skin all day by the sea.

Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle

If you want to try scuba diving or snorkelling, the Mokapu and Ulua beaches are a great choice for beginners
visiting Maui. Not only are there fun lessons there, but the water is also phenomenal for swimming, ideal for other
people who prefer to soak up the sun and fancy a light paddle, instead of going too deep into the water. Another
beach to write on your visiting to-do list is Maluka, also known as the Turtle Town. It is one of the most desired
beaches in Maui because it’s the best place for Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle viewing and snorkelling.  So if you
like wildlife and water, make sure you visit Mokapu and Ulua for an exciting day trip.

Maui Mountains, Hawaii

To make the most of the striking, photography-worthy views, make sure you take a hike around the island during
the day. The Road To Hana is a great day trip to explore, especially if you’re a fan of long walks, waterfalls,
and sunny scenery. While you’re  travelling there, you will come across the Wai’anapanapa State Park,
which is well known for views and the unique Black Sand Beach. It’s important to note that there are so many
places to visit on the island of Maui, it’s worth doing your research weeks before you arrive so you know exactly
how to get there before you set off and which locations are best to visit during different times of day, so you can
experience the full effect they have to offer. When it doubt, ask the locals who work at your hotel.

What to wear

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the beach, you will need clothing that is easy to throw on if you are getting up to go for a walk or a meal. Our
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If you want to step it up (literally), make sure you bring along some sturdy hiking shoes for your trip.

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