Travel Destination Guide: Marrakech, Morocco

If you want a getaway that offers summer heat and a location filled with culture,
Marrakech in Morocco should be the next destination on your travel to-do list.
Below is our quick Travel Destination Guide that will help.

What to explore

marrakech market stall

When visiting Marrakech, you’ll soon see that it’s a location full of colour and
culture, which is why you shouldn’t miss out on visiting the Souk Markets.
Packed full of beautifully detailed pieces such as clothing and home decor
that is hard not to admire when walking through the markets during a hot day.

Jardin Majorelle gardens

Another must-have visit is the famous Jardin Majorelle gardens painted
by French painter Jacques Majorelle. These stunningly beautiful gardens
are one of the most popular places to visit in Morrocco, and we see why.

Owned by the world-renowned Yves Saint Laurent, this enchanted garden
is in picturesque Ville Nouvelle and features bright mustard and cobalt blue
that make this location truly one of a kind. Get your camera at the ready…

What to wear

With the heat and sun in Marrakech, lightweight and comfortable clothing
are an absolute must-have when you’re walking around exploring the
beautiful city. Add easy to style leggings that can be combined with other
pieces during your trip for effortless style. Also, adding a silk scarf to your
outfit is a great way to cover up and add a subtle yet styling draping effect
to an outfit when in more conservative areas.

outfits for morocco(Left-Right)
Gisselle Belted Dress £69,
Olivia Treggings in Black £49,
Chloe Silk Blend Scarf in Charcoal £35

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