The Travel Checklist

Travelling can be an extremely tiring process, regardless of how excited you are for your trip away. That is why it’s key that you plan a travel checklist accordingly. You don’t have to dress up like you’re attending London Fashion Week but you want to look refreshed when you arrive at your destination. It’s all about finding a happy medium between chic and comfortable. Have a look at our travelling checklist which covers what to wear and what to take with you on the flight to keep entertained and looking stylish.

Fashion Travel Checklist

When you’re travelling, it’s essential that your outfit is comfortable regardless of where you’re heading. Below is the perfect outfit we’ve chosen that ticks all the boxes.

travel outfit essentials
check  Comfortable Top

Our lightweight Clara Gem Top (1) is the ideal starting point for your airport outfit because of its effortlessly chic cut and comfortable fit. The gem detailing gives a great alternative to wearing a necklace that you’ll have to take off during security checks. If you want to look great without the hassle of jewellery, this is a failsafe choice.

check  Easy to Style Jeans

In our opinion, you can never go wrong with jeans. They are an item you can pair with different colours and textures while being comfortable to wear throughout the day. Our Nicole Slim Leg Jeans (2) give flattering support and are incredibly soft against the skin, making them the perfect pair to wear when you’re getting from A to B.

check  Lightweight Jacket

To keep cosy at 30,000 feet when the plane cabin gets a little chilly, our Kristen Bomber Jacket (3) is ideal because it’s soft and stylish but also lightweight enough to suit warmer temperatures when you land. The navy hue and luxe material will give a classic twist to more casual outfits.

check  Plane-appropriate Shoes

High heels might look stylish, but they aren’t the best pick for travelling. Not only will they be tricky if you’re running to the check in desk, but they’ll be uncomfortable over time. It’s better to stick with flat shoes or small wedges like these Carvela Comfort Clarice Flat Loafers (4). That way, you can quickly take them off during security checks and you can do hours of pre-flight shopping in duty-free without getting aches in your feet.

check  Stylish Scarf

We all like getting comfortable with a blanket, but it’s not something we want to carry onto a plane. They can take up too much space, not to mention they’re an inconvenience when you land in a hotter country. Our Chloe Silk Blend Scarf (5) doubles up as a stylish accessory and something to drape over you for extra comfort without being too thick and heavy.

Accessory Travel Checklist

There’s much more to travel essentials than just clothing. We think accessories are a must for an entertaining yet comfortable trip, which is why we’ve chosen the best ones that’ll keep you relaxed during your flight.

The accessory essentials

check  Snooze-Supporting Eye Mask

If your someone who likes to snooze the hours away while travelling, an eye mask is an absolute essential to block out all the light when flying over sunny surroundings. This Leopard Print Eye Mask (1) not only does the trick, but it features a stylish print.

check  Travel-Friendly Handbag

How many times have you taken a bag to the airport that ended up being so big that you couldn’t ever find what you needed? Sticking to a medium sized bag like this Tula Crossover Bag (2) is ideal because it features compartments for essentials. Less is more, especially when you’re rooting around for your boarding pass.

check  Skin-Softening Moisturising Cream

Many of us will have experienced the negative effects travelling has on the skin. Spending a long time in a plane cabin can drastically dry out skin and will make you feel uncomfortable. The famous and multipurpose Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream (3) is a lifesaver because it can be used for your face, hands and body when you’re feeling a little dry. Pop on some of this and you’ll feel as smooth as silk in no time.

check  Time-passing Tech

Travelling for an extended period can make anyone feeling restless. Taking high-quality technology with you will keep you entertained for hours. Catching up on your favourite Netflix show with a lightweight Apple iPad Mini (4) is the perfect way to pass time especially when you can buy treats from the trolly, too.

check  Noise-cancelling Headphones

You wouldn’t be able to experience the full effect of the Apple Ipad Mini’s fantastic sound without these bass-boosting Sony Headphones (5). Blocking out the noise so you can zone out is essential when you’re watching a compelling movie.

check  All-Important Passport

Last but certainly not least is your passport that you shouldn’t ever forget because at the end of the day, you won’t be going anywhere without it! Make sure your passport is kept in a safe bag compartment so it’s not difficult to find or at risk of falling out when you’re running for the plane.

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