Guide: Styling necklines with necklaces

It can be a little on the tricky side if you’ve bought a top, jumper or dress and you want to style it up with a necklace yet aren’t sure which one. Styling necklines with necklaces depends on the garment’s detailing because you don’t want to distract from it with a chunky accessory. However, you might want to add some colour and a finishing touch if a dress has a minimalistic style.

Here’s a quick and handy guide on how to pick the best one that’ll compliment your choice perfectly.

Different types of Necklines to consider

keyhole necklineKeyhole Neckline

The Keyhole Neckline on our Sasha Lace Shift Dress is a great way to show some skin without it being a little too much.

The type of necklace that works best is a long pendant that adds a little colour without overcrowding the dress too much. We love this Blue Drop Stone Necklace because it adds a different hue of blue to pair well with the navy, yet doesn’t take the eye too much away from the neckline.

Round Neckline

A Round Neckline as shown on our bright Hettie Textured Dip-Back Top is one of the most popular types and it can be paired very easily with a variety of necklaces.

We think one of the best necklaces to pair this with would be shorter ones that sit below the collar bones and a little above the bust. You can add different types of metal or material to match the colours in the top of your choice. We think this Tribal Rope Necklace goes well with the bold red hue and adds more colour to a summer look.


square necklineSquare Neckline

A Square Neckline as shown on our Fiona Square Neck Top isn’t too common yet can be paired with many different types of necklaces, however, it’s best to keep it simple.

We think this Long Pendant Necklace featuring a stone fashionably breaks up a straight neckline and adds femininity. The pendant is the same length as the lace sleeves which means the eye will be drawn to the fine detailing, which will perfectly tie together your look.


slash necklineSlash Neckline

A Slash Neckline as shown on our Mia Square Kimono Blouse is usually higher up but offers style and sophistication. You can really play around with necklines to bring attention this style.

We think this Layered Necklace is perfect for this neckline because it adds different types of metals and will suit other pieces of jewellery too. The bright green is bold for Summer yet the subtle layering adds effortless style.




V-necks are a classic cut that suits many people. When it comes to accessories, it’s a good idea not to layer too much on top of a V-neck because it will take too much attention away from the simple style cut.

We think this Lavender disc necklace with a rose gold chain adds a subtle colour, warmth and style to a top like our Jo Wrap Top. The small disc and stone are a delicate combination that gives a grey marl top more added style.


shirt collar necklineShirt collar neckline

Shirt Collars as shown in our Portia Longline Shirt has a more formal neckline that can be combined with necklaces to add a stylish edge. Whether you want to add colour or keep it neutral, it’s a way you can make the shirt look completely different.

Bringing attention with a statement short necklace is a great way to bring dimension to a work or smart casual look. We love this Beaded Collar Necklace because it can sit underneath the collar, making it a stylish a pop of detail to the shirt. The beads and pearls are white which keeps it looking sophisticated.

cta neckline


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