February Trend: Blush Pink

February is one of those months where it can be cold one day and mild the other. It doesn’t seem to make it’s mind up very often. When we’re between Winter and the beginning of Spring, you might want to add some pieces to your wardrobe. The trick is to lightly layer and include some feminine pieces that can be worn throughout the warmer seasons. Playing with feminine tones is a great way to strike the perfect balance.

This feminine blush pink shade is going to be very popular in early 2017, and we think February is the perfect time to introduce it into your day-to-day look. You can go to the extremes and wear this colour all over, or you can keep it simple and chic by adding one or two pieces to your outfit. From the runways to retail, we’ve seen this colour pop up all of a sudden and we think it’s going to be one of the key trends to spot this February when it comes to fashion and beauty.


Our favourites: Celuu blush pink pieces

favourite blush pick pieces

1. Cassie Side Tie Top  2. Annabelle Jacquard Top 3. Rosemary Floral Tunic

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