Cookies Policy

Cookies are small files that carry information between your computer and our website. We use cookies to better understand how you interact with our website, allowing us to create an easy and enjoyable online shopping experience for you.

How do cookies work?

Cookies are used on most websites. When you visit our website for the first time, a cookie, or a ‘text file’, will be downloaded onto your computer. When you visit us again, your computer will check to see if you have a cookie for our website. If so, your computer will send the information contained in the cookie back to us.

Our website will then see, from looking at the information sent back, that you have visited before. This allows us to tailor the information we provide to you.

We provide information that we think will be of interest to you and improve your shopping experience. This helps to keep our website fresh and relevant to you each time you visit.

Cookies have many advantages. Without them, it would be impossible to understand your interactions with our site or store data on your account, making online shopping more difficult for you.

Types of cookies

There are two main types of cookies that are used on our website:

Session cookies are only stored on your computer when you are using our website. These are deleted from your computer when you close the browser.

Stored cookies remain on your computer and help us to remember you when you visit us again. These cookies do not harm your computer or store personally identifiable information such as payment details.

Our cookies identify you as a unique number which we then use to find your details on our secure database. We also use certain cookies for the purpose of analysing our website’s traffic. These cookies tell us how many visitors we have had and how visitors interact with us. All analytical information is anonymous and is used to improve your experience.

You have the choice to disable cookies on our website, however you will not be able to place an order with us and some of our website features will not be made available to you.

Third party cookies

We may work with third parties in the future to enable certain features on our website. These suppliers may set cookies on our site to allow for these features. Please note that if you choose to share Celuu content on social media platforms through the links on our website, you may receive cookies from these websites.

We are not responsible for these cookies and cannot control them. We advise that you see each website for their individual cookie policy. Our cookies policy may also differ from our stockists’ website cookies. You can find out more about the cookies they use in their individual cookies policy, usually located on their website.

For more details on how we use your information, please see our Privacy Policy.

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